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Boat Lift Accessories

Paradise Dock & Lift offers many boat lift accessories that will protect your boat and dock while improving your boating experience. Our accessories allow you to customize your lift easily as they are bolted on and can be removed or added as your needs change. Whether you need a canopy to protect your boat from the elements, guide-ons to make docking easier, or wheel kits to make seasonal removal a breeze; we can create a dream lift perfect for you!


The most important accessory for your boat lift! The two vertical guide-posts can easily be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of boat beams. The PVC pipes are sleeved in a foam pad for added protection. We highly recommend two sets per lift (4 posts).

Bow Stop Guide

If you have a tournament boat, the bowstop guide perfectly positions the boat on the lift every time. The bowstop is constructed out of marine grade aluminum with a pvc ring to catch the bow of the boat as you drive on to the lift.

Motor Stop Guide

If you have a stern-drive or outboard boat, the motor-stop perfectly positions the boat on the lift every time. We have motorstops to accomodate both single drive and dual drive boats. The motorstop is constructed out of marine grade aluminum with a neoprene bumper to catch the drive.


An attractive way to protect your boat from the elements. Our canopies feature an aluminum frame and Sunbrella fabric. The height of the canopy is easily adjusted with a telescoping post.

Cat Walk

Improve access and maintenance to your boat by adding a catwalk, multiple sizes and decking options available. Goes perfectly with our Dual PWC Lifts.

Dock-Mounted PowerPack Shelf

Gain more dock space by mounting the powerpack on the side of the dock. Make sure the powerpack is high enough above the water to prevent accidental submersion with high waves.


This shelf enables you to mount the powerpack on the lift instead of the dock. The kit includes a leg sleeve, and powerpack shelf with all hardware required.

Wheel Kit

The wheel-kit allows you to easily install/remove your lift every season. The hydraulics do all the heavy lifting, all you need to do is push! The kit also features and optional tow cable so the lift can be pulled out with a recreational vehicle or winch.

LED Lights

If you do a lot of evening boating, you’ll definitely want to consider our underwater or lift-mounted LED lighting. With this unique accessory, you’ll never have a hard time finding your lift in the dark again.

Deep Water Bracing

Deep water bracing is used in installations with 8′-20′ of water depth. Our bracing consists of four crosses under the boat lift to provide added stability and strength, and can be stacked for extra deep water applications.