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Dock Bumpers

Paradise Dock & Lift offers the top of the line bumper system, providing the marine industry with premium and highly-effective products that protect docks and boats across the globe.

Unlike the standard air-inflated bumpers, our urethane memory foam bumpers will not collapse; they will cushion and absorb impacts then quickly reform back to their original shape. The dock bumpers can be installed vertically or horizontally with hex or lag bolts, instantly adding safe moorage and protection to your dock.


Bumper Specifications

Bumper Width Depth Length
4P35 FLAT 3.9″ 3″ 35.125″
4P35 CHANNEL (1″x2″ CUTOUT) 3.9″ 3″ 35.125″
4P47FLAT 3.9″ 3″ 47.5″
4P13 CORNER 3.9″ 3" 13.625″