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PWC Lifts

Our PWC Lifts are manufactured to the same high standard as our rugged hydraulic boat lifts. They feature a 6061 marine grade aluminum frame, stainless steel cylinder that is retracted in the up-position and remote control operation. A Paradise PWC lift will enhance your recreational property and make boating easier and more enjoyable for the whole family.


H frame hinge pins


The side beams of the lift have pipe welded in them with a Delrin bushing inserted to give more bearing surface while also preventing metal on metal wear.


Most durable bunk in the industry, giving the most support to your boat with its wide footprint that spreads the load over a larger surface area. Our Parabunk protects the hydraulic cylinder in the down position from floating debris and any other potential hazards.

Heavy Duty Guides

The heavy duty guide-posts won’t roll and constantly require realigning. The included guide-post cushion provides an added layer of protection to your boat.

Extended Lifting Range

The lifts are available with 6′ , 5′ or 4′ lifting ranges. We can also fabricate longer ranges to accommodate specific needs. Our lifts will keep your boat both safe, high and dry!


Paradise uses a superior environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable hydraulic fluid that offers excellent shear stability.


Long range wireless remote with two transmitters. Spend more time boating and NO time cranking! The only boat lift remote that is waterproof and floats!


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The backbone to Paradise lift is our rugged structural frame which supports your boat. Our frame is far superior to any of our competitors and unique features of our design include the following:

Our design incorporates pockets and sleeves for elements to be connected primarily through bearing. It is well known that unlike steel, welds in aluminum are significantly weaker than the native material. Correspondingly, the Paradise design reduces reliance on welded connections in high stress locations whenever possible.

The most force exerted on the frame is through the hydraulic cylinder; the attachment point is subject to high stresses and hence is a critical area of the lift. The Paradise hydraulic cylinders pull on precision CNC cut plates that are pocketed to receive the rear cross member which allows us to rely on a much stronger mechanical fastening through bearing. Our competitors use welded ears which we have witnessed fail in the field.

The Paradise frame is constructed from marine grade 6061 T6 aluminum alloy with the minimum wall thickness of 0.25”. The pivot points have tubes welded through and special Delrin wear bushings to eliminate metal on metal contact. Many of our competitors utilize bronze bushings which, when exposed to moisture, react with the aluminum causing galvanic corrosion.

The Paradise frame’s unique configuration is such that the minimum required operational water depth is as low as 6 inches plus the draft of the boat which is significantly less than our competitors, ensuring that our customers can enjoy their investment regardless of water depth.

3D Viewer


Industry Leading Cylinder Design:

Paradise uses superior materials to those utilized by our competitors in the hydraulic system as noted in the table. Our cylinders are machined from grade 2205 Duplex stainless steel, which not only has over twice the strength of grade 316L stainless steel, but grade 2205 also offers significantly better corrosion resistance making it ideal for marine environments.

The hydraulic cylinder has oversized eyes that allow us to use 1” high strength stainless steel pins. These larger pins can withstand a larger load, ensuring that the points with the highest stress won’t fail.

The image on the right shows the epoxy coated stainless cylinder with oversized eyes and bronze scraper.

Corrosion Resistant Materials:

  • Paradise uses more advanced materials than our competitors which are summarized in the table below.
  • Our cylinders are machined from grade 2205 Duplex stainless steel, which not only has over twice the strength of grade 316L stainless steel, but grade 2205 also offers significantly better corrosion resistance making it ideal for marine environments.
  • 2205 Duplex has an extremally high resistance to stress corrosion cracking and pitting

The 2nd image on the right shows the significant difference in corrosion resistance between 2205 Duplex Stainless vs 316L.


Eco-Friendly Hydraulic Fluid:

  • Paradise uses an environmentally friendly hydraulic oil that offers excellent shear stability.
  • The Paradise Hydraulic Fluid is a synthetic fluid that does not contain water, it was carefully selected to give maximum lifetime and performance to our hydraulic system.
  • Suitable for use in environmentally sensitive hydraulic applications.

The image on the right shows the extended life that the Paradise Hydraulic Fluid provides compared to competing products

More Robust Hydraulic Hoses:

  • Our hydraulic hoses are made from extremely durable thermoplastic 100R8, with a grade 316 stainless steel braid to protect from chaffing and marine mammals. All hose fittings are made from grade 316 stainless steel.
  • The higher strength materials used, combined with our pump and cylinder design give us the flexibility to run at higher pressures than any of our competitors, increasing the lift capacity of the system.

The image on the right shows the difference in wall thickness between our 100R8 hoses and our competitors that use a thinner walled product.

Premium PowerPack

The Paradise powerpack is far superior to any other employed in the industry due to the unique features of our design which include the following:

We chose to run a 24V system instead of a 12V system due to the increased efficiency and performance from lower amp draw. Peak amp draw in a 12V system is between 230-280 amp resulting in excess heat within the components. As the electric motor gets hot it loses torque and efficiency resulting in potential damage and slower lifting times. Running at 24V allows us to halve the amp draw which increases the service life of all the electrical components. Our electric motors are sealed and submersible avoiding any water damage to the motor should it accidentally get wet.

The RC Unit we use to control the pump is the only remote control system in the industry that offers waterproof transmitters that float. The head unit is IP67 rated ensuring that it will be protected from the elements.

Many customers choose a hydraulic boat lift due to its ability to run off solar power. Keeping high voltage is imperative to a long-lasting lift. Many manufacturers provide a 10-12 watt solar panel which isn’t large enough to keep up with frequent boaters. Our solar panel is an industry leading 50 watt panel combined with a MPPT solar regulator to ensure you always have enough power to use your lift without causing damage to the battery from overcharging! ­­­­

We currently have a proprietary technology power source which are significantly lighter than the conventional lead-acid batteries which are widely used and provide a longer-life, quicker charging and offer more cycles per charge. This means that the fun on the water will never be limited waiting for the sun!


The PWC hydraulic boat lifts are rated for a maximum capacity of 2,000 lbs.


For more information on the hydraulic boat lifts please download the brochure or contact us for more information.