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Our Superior 6′ Lifting Range: Why It’s Important to Have!

‘- Water fluctuation is regulated on Lake Okanagan, typical lake fluctuation is between 3.5-4 feet and flooding events can result in even higher water levels (as we have seen in recent years!)

– It’s imperative that your lift has enough range to keep your boat high enough out of the waves, as most locals are aware 2-3′ waves are not uncommon, especially during storms! Unlike the chain-hoist or cable lifts that are hardwired to the dock power, our lifts are self-contained and solar-powered, and the hydraulics are designed to be submerged. The powerpack can simply be removed in flood events, avoiding expensive repair bills and damage.

– Many lift dealers will attempt to sell you that their 4′ or 5′ ranges are sufficient, as their product cannot handle the additional stresses associated with a 6′ lift, or try to upsell you on costly range extensions that also reduce the capacity. Our products have been designed to overcome these shortfalls and come standardized with a 6′ range. Awesome!

-Our boat lift comes stock with a 6’ lifting range, it is perfectly suited for the Okanagan Valley or lakes with high water fluctuation or large wave action.

Below is a table from the Provincial Government outlaying typical lake fluctuation.

A quality boat lift is an expensive investment. It’s important to do your research, ask your dealer questions about what product will be best suited to your environment and needs, and ultimately guarantee it’s your boat that’s high and dry (…not your wallet!)

We are here to help!
The Paradise Dock & Lift Team

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